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10G OCA 1Z0-042考題指南

Posted by on Wednesday, 4 July, 2012

51-Pass 1Z0-042考題指南包含最新的Oracle database 10g:administration i考試指南,該學習資料覆蓋真實的考試真題,使考生通過考試有保障,已經幫助很多考生成功通過了10G OCA考試。考生需要花費195美元在當地的VUE考場參加1Z0-042考試,該考試要求考生需要在120分鐘內完成84道題目,考生達到84%考生就可以通過考試了。 Continue reading

10G Database 1Z0-046認證學習指南

Posted by on Monday, 4 June, 2012

51-Pass 1Z0-046認證電子書結合最新的10G DBA資料庫指南編定,覆蓋真實的Oracle Database 10g: Managing Oracle on Linux for DBAs考試題型,適合全球考生適用,讓考生順利通過,免除失敗的煩憂!Oracle 10G DBA 1Z0-046考試隸屬於Oracle 10G數據庫認證體系,考生需在105分鐘內完成63道測試題,達到65%就可以通過1Z0-046考試。考生必須在當地的VUE考試機構報名並預約考試時間。 Continue reading

Oracle 10g數據庫認證概況

Posted by on Friday, 1 July, 2011

Oracle 10g 數據庫認證是甲骨文引進新功能,最具創新性的數據庫產業進入新的自動化集群,高可用性等。Oracle 10g 管理員認證相結合的培訓,經驗和測試,以確保你有一個堅實的基礎和專業知識,在業界最先進的數據庫管理系統。Oracle 10g 數據庫認證是甲骨文引進新功能,最具創新性的數據庫產業進入新的自動化集群,高可用性等。Oracle 10g 管理員認證相結合的培訓,經驗和測試,以確保你有一個堅實的基礎和專業知識,在業界最先進的數據庫管理系統。 Continue reading

所謂OCA 1z0-042證照的那些破事

Posted by on Saturday, 4 June, 2011

Oracle認證專家OCP,即專家級技能和技術知識考試。通過OCP考試,說明考生可以從事管理大型數據庫,開發數據庫,將數據庫應用到企業中。要成為OCP,必須先獲得OCA認證。目前考生還是可以考取Oracle 10系列的考試。OCA 1Z0-042+1Z0-047考試,每科125美元的考試費用。 Continue reading

51-pass 1Z0-042 exam

Posted by on Monday, 8 November, 2010

Oracle database 10g:Administration I (1Z0-042 Exam) Questions & Answers are created by our certified senior experts combination PROMETRIC or VUE true-to-date environmental examination of the original title.we promised that the 1Z0-042 Q&A coverage of 98%. All of our content is custom written and kept current with several monthly updates on most of our products. As a Killtest 10g DBA Certification candidate, you will have access to our updates for one… Continue reading

51-Pass Latest Oracle 1Z0-042 Dumps(Oracle Database SQL Expert)

Posted by on Sunday, 29 August, 2010

1Z0-047 Oracle Database SQL Expert
Exam Number: 1Z0-047 

Associated Certifications: Oracle Database:
SQL Certified Expert
Oracle 11g DBA OCA
Oracle 10g DBA OCA
Oracle9i DBA OCA
Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate 

Exam Price: US$ 195
Pricing may vary slightly by country or by localized currency. Check Pearson VUE’s website for exact pricing in your country.
Duration: 120 minutes
Number of Questions: 70
Passing… Continue reading

51-Pass Latest 1Z0-042 Dumps

Posted by on Thursday, 26 August, 2010

Exam Number: 1Z0-042 
Associated Certifications: Oracle 10G DBA OCA
 Exam Price:  US$ 125
Pricing may vary slightly by country or by localized currency. Check Pearson VUE’s website for exact pricing in your country.
Duration: 120 minutes
# of Questions: 84
Passing Score: 68%
Passing score subject to change. View Details 
51-Pass Latest 1Z0-042 Dumps
Questions and Answers: 296Q&As
Updated: Aug-03-2010


 Oracle Database 10g Administrator… Continue reading

Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA)

Posted by on Thursday, 26 August, 2010

Qualified database administrators are in huge demand in both domestic and multinational corporations throughout the world. Obtaining an Oracle certification gives you that much needed advantage over other candidates. The Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA) credential is the first step toward success as an Oracle database professional. This entry-level qualification requires completion of two exams. The OCA credential provides the vital foundation required to receive the Oracle Certified… Continue reading